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My adventure with art began in the 90s when I got in touch with the Hip Hop movement, graffiti in particular. As a matter of fact, graffiti were developing in Italy right in those years. It really was a time of discoveries; the power of this “on the wall communication” and the urgency of developing your own style were undeniable. Internet was not so popular at the time therefore you had to be remarkable and anonymous at the same time.


That was my first school of life, but somehow its modus operandi still guides me today. I am persuaded that if you have something to convey through art, you must do it! That’s the reason why at a certain point in my life I took the so called “big leap” and decided to quit my full time job to finally dedicate myself to what I love doing, with the firm belief that in life you need to have courage to follow your dreams. The feelings that an artwork can generate in the soul and the connection between the artist and the viewer are just incredible.


As time went by, my art shifted from the walls to other techniques; this natural flow was influenced by multiple elements: my personal interest for art history, the artistic studies at Bologna University, a deep love for jazz music that made me study it at a practical, theoretical and historical level.


My curiosity for traditional techniques in fine arts pushed me to learn more about anything that could help me define my personal style. Brush paintings on plasterboard first and then on canvas, the collage technique, engraving and silk screen printing, pencil drawing, watercolor: it took all of these to develop my own technique of working iron sheets with varnishes and rust. In addition to the portrait series (mainly but not limited to jazz icons) I decided to realize other projects with a more universal and decorative intention. That’s how the concept of W.HOW was born, aiming to promote an interactive approach through a mixing game of shapes and colors.


I’ve been known with THE ORIGINAL DAVE GUCCIONE trademark since 2009, which I later changed into DAVE GUCCIONE VISUAL the moment I decided to make it my main career With time, I had the privilege of exhibiting my artworks in different locations, collective and personal exhibitions and art fairs.


I had the chance to cooperate with some jazz clubs and music festivals, such as Veneto Jazz and Vicenza Jazz in Italy; I set up some exhibitions during Soul and Rhythm & Blues events, also by creating some special limited edition silk screen printings for each event.